About the Network

The Masonic Education Network (M.E.N.) seeks to develop an independent and inter-jurisdictional (ideally multi-national) hub for Masons and Lodges with a commitment to Masonic education.

As this is specifically a ‘network’, our work will be built on serving to connect such masons and Lodges to a wider Masonic community.

We seek to be more than merely a clearinghouse for educational ideas but also a network of support and launching pad for educational projects.

In pursuing these goals we seek to close the barriers of distance within Australia, and across the Tasman through the innovative use of technology and social networking platforms that bring Masons together in the spirit of fraternal, and workman like, cooperation.

As the network constitutes an independent association of Masons who share an interest in Masonic education, we do not claim that any of the material we communicate is the view of any particular Grand Lodge.

While we encourage contributors to work in the spirit of free intellectual enquiry, however we do expect that contributors will seek to main quality in their contributions.

We've launched a podcast!

Our new podcast channel, "Point of Reflection" has launched!


Weekly Zoom Sessions

Each week, the Masonic Education Network hosts a philosophical reflection on a specific topic, or related topics.

Thursdays from 7:00pm AEDT
via Zoom.


Various symposia and educational presentations are regularly held across the Masonic Education Network.

If your Lodge is interested in participating, please get in contact with us.


A great opportunity to get to know each other outside of a Lodge environment and cement the bonds of friendship.

If you are organising an upcoming social event, let us know about it!

Our event schedule is regularly communicated to our members, so be sure to register to receive details of our upcoming events.


Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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